Frame shop

IMG_2671Today my 10 year old daughter said to me “Do you realize how lucky you are that your own husband can make frames for your paintings?”  “YES!” I said “I DO!”  And then I told her to marry someone just like him one day.  He’s pretty awesome.  He has been working every night for the last 4 nights on frames for my upcoming show on Friday.  YIKES!  I’ve been a little stressed.  It is a benefit for the Friends of the Kaw at Abe and Jakes landing here in Lawrence.  They requested all landscapes for this show, and most of my recent pieces are abstract figurative works.  So I’ve been creating and Mark has been framing. The stress has subsided, and I’m getting pretty excited about the event now.  It is $10 to get in.  There will be a band, 5 local artists, and a fish fry, so I hope you can all make it!  Here is a little peek at some of my new pieces that will be in the show…and my husband in his element…IMG_2674

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