Paint time

IMG_2168Lately, I’ve been doing a little wood burning.  Ok, a lot.  Its all I’ve been doing, because, as  expressed before, it is just too much to get the paints out with the kids around. They are great kids, very artistic, and they love to paint.  But for me, making paintings is a quiet meditative process…something I rarely get with children around. IMG_2177This is a little piece that I am especially excited about.  You never know what will happen once the paint comes in, so I try not to get overly giddy.  Its just very different from anything I’ve ever done.  My goal for tomorrow is to finish it, and show you!  Yes, that is right!  Next week is Dance Camp!  Wahoo!  That means I get 2.5 hours each day to paint…and I really hope I don’t waste those hours doing laundry…  Thanks for checking in.



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