In Process

IMG_2119Today was a beautiful day to crochet outside.  I’m on the last row of granny squares in this patchwork cotton blanket, and am really excited because of the new colors I chose today for the border!  Hopefully I can start on that soon.  As much as I’d rather be making paintings, its just too hard to paint in the summer.  There are these two really amazing kids hanging around, and then the garden, and a whole bunch of summer fun to be had.  Here are a few studio shots of some in-process artworks.  I’m really excited about these newly begun large canvases.  The designs are based on a couple of pastel sketches I recently made….and they may completely change before they are finished.  That’s how it often works.  IMG_2122IMG_2123This is a panel that I’ve recently wood burned.  It is such a fun process.  The burning stage is the best.  But I can’t leave it like that, raw and exposed.  It needs color!  I hope to dive into this piece soon. If the kids will agree to do another theater camp I’ll have a few moments to scoop the paint on the palate.  Yay for summer vacation!



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