About the Artist


My art encompasses a variety of media, but my focus area is painting.  The paintings I make fall into two categories.  I create abstract paintings on canvas, or more representational paintings on wood that I engrave using a wood-burning tool.  My wood panel paintings are inspired by the beautiful Kansas landscape, as well as other places I have traveled.  Travels to Iceland and Peru have inspired some of my recent landscape works. Nature is awe-inspiring in great and horrible ways, and it is the job of the artist to respond to this significance of nature.

Inspiration for my abstract paintings comes from all that transpires in and around me, and I use the process of abstract painting as a way to work through some of life’s heavy issues.  In these paintings, I value intuition and the painting process above the finished product.  Grief, growth, and politics are recent themes in my work, often combined with a humorous element added during the resolution process.  It is important to deal with serious issues, and humor can be a tool we use in confronting those issues.  I achieve the humor element through color choices and the titles I give my pieces.

When I paint, my initial inspiration transforms and evolves into what will become the finished product. I value the criticism of others as these opinions allow me to view my work through the eyes of another.  My challenge, as an artist, is to communicate the intended meaning of my work to the viewer, but ultimately an abstract painting can be interpreted in various ways. Like poetry, the individual interpretation of the reader reveals the true meaning of the artwork. Successful art can have multiple individual interpretations.  It is successful if it provokes an emotive response from both the viewer and creator.

My BFA is in drawing, painting, and printmaking from Iowa State University.  I am currently pursuing an MA degree in Visual Arts Education at the University of Kansas. My paintings are available for purchase through this website as well as through a variety of art exhibits, including Final Fridays, and the Lawrence art walk, as well as private shows. I donate annually to the Lawrence Arts Center’s benefit art auction.

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2 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. Emily – what an impressive website and an even more impressive body of work! I certainly remember several of your works from the Wheatfields show and hope to see your work there again. Bill

    ps – please keep me posted on your upcoming shows.

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